FIREANTEATER LLC develops green, safe, fire ant exterminating products made in the USA that last for years. The Ant Crusher is THE Green fire ant killer for homeowners.

AntCrusher H-1000
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First AntCrusher
Prototype - 2004


FIREANTEAER LLC of Dallas, Texas was officially formed in 2011. However, it’s germination took root in earli in ther new millenium 2003 (see “The FireAntEater Story" right). That is when the inventor, Ken McDonald, discovered that fire ants react to vibrations as a threat to the colony (and will mount a continuous attack on any device creating vibrations) just as they do whenever the fire ant colony mound is disturbed. The key then was to develop a device that could both create the vibrations and kill the attacking fire ants in a green, safe manner. He proved this in 2004 with his first prototype (of the AntCrusher) shown to the left. Thus was born the patented, FireAntEater™, Agitate. Attack & Annihilate, AntCrusher approach. He spent years experimenting with different design configurations to achieve optimal results at reasonable cost. With each new design iteration, the basic (patented) invention was re-proven to work. The AntCrusher H-1000 is the result of all this work and testing.



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Ken McDonald, the inventor, is a founder and CEO of FIREANTEATER LLC.

Patent Dominion Partnership L.P. (PD), an invention devel- opment firm, is a founder.  PD’s managing partner, Art Fisher, serves as the company COO.