The FireAntEater™ AntCrusher H-1000

Agitate, Attack, Annihilate

The AntCrusher H-1000 "turns the tables" on fire ants by using their most agressive behaviour agaisnt them - IT'S PAYBACK!

Ant-Crusher H-1000
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Agitate, Attack
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       1st Solar Prototype
                   circa 2005
This first AntCrusher solar prototype (2005) is working on top of a fire ant colony mound and killing fire ants. The base plate is a yellow-lipped plastic dish. Four castors are mounted to a round, wooden disc. The solar cell (left) is external to the unit and hard-wired. The motor is under the inverted, clear plastic tub. [Note: by this point, we had learned that the motor had to be sealed off from the fire ants or else they would grt inside and clog up the gearing.]

The 3 As: Agitate, Attack, Annihilate is a phrase we use to desribe the AntCrusher H-1000 at work. The unit agitates the fire ants to attack it and annihilates them. 
                          The AntCrusher H-1000
What is It: The patented FireAntEater™ Ant Crusher H-1000 is a simple and amazing fire ant killer/extermination product. It is an electro-mechanical unit powered by a solar cell which also auto re-charges the two AA re-chargeable batteries (included) for extended operation in reduced or no sunlight conditions. It's Green, Safe, Fast, Weatherproof, MADE in the USA and will Last for years.
How It Works: When switched on, the vibrations of the unit’s rollers rolling over the base plate agitate the fire ants into a continuous attack on the unit. Once on the base plate, the rollers roll over and crush them. 
Why It Works: Fire ants are extremely aggressive about protecting the “colony”. Any disturbance to the colony mound (where the larvae are deposited for warmth) is treated as a “threat” to the colony and the fire ants attack. The AntCrusher's vibrations are perceived as a threat causing fire ants to come from all over the colony to attack it. It kills (by crushing) so many fire ants that the colony can not sustain itself. On average, a treatment fire takes less than 30 minutes.
It's Easy to Use: Simply switcth it on, quickly place it on the fire ant colony mound, and come back after the treatment is over to switch off & move. When clean up (of the dead fire ants) is desired, wipe it down with a paper towel or rag..
Skeptical? Many people, when first reading or hearing about the AntCrusher H-1000 are skeptical that something so simple and that doesn't use chemicals, insectisides or baits can work. That ends when they see it working. If you have ever disturbed a fire ant colony in any way, you have seen the instaneous, ferocious attack then ensues until the disturbance or threat is dealt with. So ingrained in the nature of the fire ant is this sense of colony protection, that they appear immediately upon the disturbance, from all over the colony and from every tunnel in their network that connects to the ground surface. These tunnels can extend for a radius of several feet beyond the mound where the larvae are incubating. [For more information on this; see our article "The Tunnel Network Is Key." Because the roller, rolling over the base plate of the H-1000 unit, are causing the agiataion or disrurbance, the fire ants will attack them and keep on attacking unit ther are few or none left to attack. So, what the AntCrusher H-1000 is doing, is turning fire ant's most aggressive behaviour (colony protection) against them. 
IT WORKS Every prototype of the AntCrusher built and tested over 10 years of development worked; namely, each one proved the patented Agitate, Attack & Annihilate invention on which the AntCrusher is based, WORKS. To see an earlier prototype, click here.