The FireAntEater™ AntCrusher H-1000

It Lasts, It's Fast, It's Weatherproof, It's Amazing

The AntCrusher H-1000 is a solar-powered, electro-mechanical, fire ant killer product with two AA auto-rechargeable (by the solar cell) batteries (included), for operation in reduced or no sunlight conditions. It will last for years & thousands of treatments (applications) making it the most cost-effective fire ant killer product.

AntCrusher H-1000
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  • •IT LASTS - An AntCrusher H-1000 unit will last for thousands of treatments* over years of operation without the need to purchase anything further**. This makes the AntCrusher the most cost-effective fire ant killer product available. [*Based on an average treament time of 30 minutes or less. ** Rechargeable batteries are limited by the number of times they will re-charge,. However, the 2 rechargeable batteries (included) can easily be replaced by any, off-the-shelf, AA rechargeable batteries.]
  • •IT'S FAST and YOU CAN WATCH IT WORK - The average treatment takes less than minutes and most treatments take a lot less than 30 minutes.* Unlike almost all other fire ant killer and extermination products, you can watch the AntCrusher "Doing Its' Thing" (killing fire ants by crushing them). Many of our customers have told us enjoy watching the unit work. [*The length of a treatment depends on the maturity of the fire ant colony. This can be gaged by the height of the mound (where the fire ant larvae are deposited for warmth during incubation. If this height is 1 inch or less, the treatment time will be less than 30 minutes. The AntCrusher H-1000 can be used on fire ant colony mounds of several feet. However, because of capacity, several treatments will be required; e.g. See our Testimonials page.]
    • •IT'S WEATHERPROOF - The AntCrusher can be left out, on or off, in any weather; heat, cold, dry or wet. However, it is not submersible. Caution should be used with severe weather (e.g. very high winds and/or hail). So, if the forecast is for rain, you don't have to worry about getting back to the unit before the rain. It will be fine.

    • It is also GREEN, SAFE, EASY TO USE, MADE IN THE USA, WARRANTED and IT WORKS. It is THE Green Fire Ant Killer and IT'S AMAZING.