The FireAntEater™ AntCrusher H-1000

The Green Fire Ant Killer

The AntCrusher H-1000 is doubly GREEN.: 1.There are no chemicals, baits or anything else to affect the air, sooil or groundwater. 2. Only the fire ants are affected (exterminated); no other living thing is impacted. It is - "THE Green Fire Ant Killer"!

 AntCrusher H-1000
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THE Green
Fire Ant Kiler


The Green Way



The AntCrusher H-1000 is made The Green Way; green (chemical free)and safe, to kill, exterminate and control fire ants and affect nothing else.

The AntCrusher H-1000 is a solar powered, electro-mechanical, fire ant killer or exterminator with two AA rechargeable (by the solar cell) batteries included) for reduced or no sunlight conditions.  [See the Agitate, Attack, Annihilate link (right) to learn how and why the AntCrusher H-1000 works so well and the next link for why "It Lasts" making it the most cost-effective fire ant killer.]

The AntCrusher H-1000 is GREEN:
1.)  It does not use any chemicals, baits, solutions, etc. There is nothing that can possibly harm the atmosphere, the soil or the groundwater;
2.) No living thing, other than the fire ants of the targeted colony, is affected. Thus, nothing (insect, plant, animal, etc.) that is supposed to be there will be impacted in any way except for the positive environmental, safety, etc. results by removal of the dangerous fire ants; and
3.) It is completly safe for people, children, pets, animals and all plant life.
It is THE Green Fire Ant Killer.

Most other products use chemicals of some sort and, even if they claim to be green, can you be sure i.) if they are environmentally safe; or ii.) if they are people. pet and plant safe; or iii.) if there will be any other (collateral) impact on the environment. With the AntCrusher H-1000, it's obvious; there are no doubts.