The FireAntEater™ AntCrusher H-1000

  • With RIFAs
  • Red Imported Fire Ants
  • The Ant-Crusher H-1000, is a solar-powered, electro-mechanical fire ant killer with 2 AA auto-recharging batteries (included) for operation in reduced or no sunlight conditions. It exploits the (imported) fire ant's aggressiveness against them. IT'S PAYBACK TIME!

AntCrusher H-1000
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Red Imported
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Red Imported Fire Ant


RIFA stinger

   Fire Ants are fierce and agressive insects that have been around for a long time. Local or native fire ants are not too much of a problem in the United States and other counries because they have natural predators which keep the "balance of nature" in check. Imported Fire Ants are another story, primarily because they have no natural predators, except where they came from. A lot of data on fire ants has been compoiled in the article Fire Ant Facts.
   In the US, there are two types of Imported Fire Ants: Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFAs), solenopsis invicta, and Black Imported Fire Ants, solenopsis richteri. Both are very agresive, adaptive, have stingers with with strong venoms which cause reactions and they will eat almost anything. The RIFA came from Brazil while the Black Imported Fire Ants are believed to have come from Argentina and Uruguay.In the US, the black fire ants have remained, for the most part, in Northern Mississsippi and parts of Alabama.
   The Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA) is the most problematic. The are very aggressive, adaptive and eat almost anything. RIFAs have spread all over the southern half of the United States and they continue to migrate North. Not only are they a vicious pest whose stings can occasionally be fatal to humans, but they are also having a serious impact with other local species of fire ants (that are part of the food chain) and virtuually any creature that lays its eggs on the ground. [For example, see article on the fate of the Texas Prairie Chicken.] So widespread has the problem with RIFAs become is that when almost anyone refers to fire ants, usually they mean RIFAs.
   The AntCrusher H-1000 is an ideal fire ant killer, particulalry for the RIFAs, and for establishing a green, safe, cost-effective fire ant control program for a property. For, even if you have killed off RIFA colonies, the odds are that new colonies will be back.