FireAntEater™ Informational Articles
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A Listing of FireAntEater™ informational articles about fire ants; their behavioral characteristics & products for killing, exterminating and controlling them. Click on the Article "Title" to connect to the article.

Fire Ants and the AntCrusher H-1000: The AntCrusher is GREEN and ideal for homeowners to safely kill fire ants without chemicals or baits. It agitates-they attack-it annihilates.

The Fire Ant Tunnel Network Is Key: The key to any effective fire ant killer product, like the AntCrusher, is not to impair the colony tunnel network the fire ants make.

Fire Ant Facts: A collection of facts and data about fire ants (in particular; red imported fire ants) including colonies, behavior, etc.

Red Imported Fire Ant vs. Others: Native fire & other ants, unlike imported fire ants, have natural predators & are part of the food chain.

Fire Ants & Texas Prairie Chicken: News article about how fire ant extermination has helped the recovery of the Texas Prairie Chicken.

Fire Ant Control - Exterminate or Deter: Fire Ant Control products either deter fire ants from coming or kill them when they arrive.

The AntCrusher H-1000 is the ideal Fire Ant Killer product for the fire ant control program for your yard or property. It will last and work for years without additional expense. Whenever fire ants appear, it will quickly take care of the problem 1.) without chemicals, baits or solutions or anything to affect the environment or other creatures and 2.) with complete safety for your family and guests; pets and animalls; and plants and shrubs. It's THE Green Fire Ant Killer   AntCrusher H-1000
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