FireAntEater™ Informational Article
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The AntCrusher (H-1000) is GREEN and ideal for homeowners to safely kill fire ants without chemicals or baits.

It agitates - they attack - it annihilates.

The patented AntCrusher exploits the fire ants' most aggressive behavioural characteristeric; protection of the colony. This is in their DNA.

If the ants don't attack it, they aren't fire ants!


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Fire Ants, Solenopsis invicta, are serious pests... Fire ants inflict a fiery sting, which causes a small blister or pustule to form at the site of each sting after several hours. The blisters become itchy while healing and are prone to infection if broken."

  • Queensland - Dept. of Primary
  • Industries and Fisheries
  • • The Fire Ant comes in a variety species but all are small and exhibit similar characteristics. By far, the most problematic in the United States and most other countries is the Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA). They are aggressive. Their bites are almost always irritating and occasionally fatal.  Fire ants are dangerous to many other species and crops.

• Fire ants are disciplined and they have definitive roles within the colony. The queen resides several feet below ground level and reproduces. Other ants find food for and protect the colony. They also make an elaborate network of fine tunnels to interconnect the chambers of the colony and the ground surface.They are meticulous about maintaining the tunnel network and the various chambers that make up the colony. [You may have noticed fire activity right after a rainstorm or watering. This is tunnel network maintenance as any liquid will collapse the tunnels at the ground surface.]
• Fire ants deposit their larvae close to the surface for warmth. The mound build up that one sees is the result of larvae production and deposit. Fire ants are fiercely protective of the larvae and the colony; becoming their most agressive when they sense a threat to the larvae or the colony.


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  • • Anyone who has encountered a fire ant colony mound has observed the vicious frenzy created when the mound is disturbed in any way and the results can be quite painful. As explained above, this is a natural behavioral characteristic of the fire ant to “protect” the colony, particularly, the larvae deposited close to the ground surface.
  • • This naturally aggressive behavior is exploited by the patented FireAntEater™ AntCrusher H-1000. We call this patented exploitation the 3 As - Agitate, Attack and Annihilate.When an H-1000 unit is turned on and placed on top of a fire ant colony mound, the vibrations of its rollers rolling over its base plate create vibrations which agitate the fire ants into a continuous attack on the unit where they are annihilated (crushed by the rollers). The unit does not kill the queen(s). Instead, it crushes so many fire ants, that the “health” (the ability of the colony to sustain itself) is compromised. Read more
  • • The AntCrusher H-1000 is powered by a solar cell with two, auto-recharging batteries for use in reduced or no sunlight conditions. It can be used over and over again for years without replenishment or replacement, making it the most cost-effective fire ant killer (control) product available. It is Green (chemical-free and no baits), Safe (for children, plants & pets), Lasts (for years), Fast, Weatherproof, Easy to Use, Warranted, MADE in the USA and IT WORKS.